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Piltsevich Farm
A family farm in the heart of the Jezreel Valley

A fourth-generation family farm in the HaYogev farming community, located in the heart of the Jezreel Valley. Established by grandparents Malka and Moshe Pilzevich from Tel Aviv in 1949.


Today the farm is operated by Uri and Idan, father and son. Four generations live on the farm: grandmother Malka, Leah and Uri, Lachan and Idan,  and Lachan and Idan’s four children.

משק פילצביץ.jpg
מטע זיתים.jpg

On the farm we grow field crops (wheat, tomatoes, chickpeas, and more), almond orchards, and olive trees. We use advanced growing methods that benefit from the rich Jezreel Valley soil and our constant professional care.


The organic olive trees, under the supervision of Secal Israel, are planted in a historical orchard, and you can still see the familiar cypress trees around it.


Our farm’s unique quality is that we carry out all the work in the orchards ourselves, using advanced mechanization, extensive experience, and agricultural professionalism at its best. You can sense the professionalism in the quality of our olive oil. Its rich flavor comes from the care and attention that we bring to planting, pruning, harvesting, and delivery to the oil presses.

We recently started marketing our own olive oil brand. We take effort to promote the quality of extra virgin olive oil, which will bring the aroma of the valley to your salad. 


In addition to the olive oil and almonds, we have a home business for gift baskets, bringing Made In Israel goods to corporate clients, workers’ unions, and individuals. 

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שירותים חקלאיים.jpg

Also, we offer advanced agricultural services to farmers in the Jezreel Valley, the Galilee, and to any place where we can provide our professional and high-quality services and know-how. Some of our agricultural services: grain harvesting, heavy processing, pruning and maintenance of orchards, shaking olives and almonds including drying surfaces, targeted spraying, weed spraying, mowing, removing weeds, blower spraying, grain spraying and more. 


You are welcome to contact us, and we will always be happy to proudly tell you about our work.

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